Hi, its the 6 weeks holidays right now where I am we go back this Friday the 29th/1st/16.

Ive been paranoid lately about my friends: e.g
1)Will they let me sit with them in class ?
2)Am I still apart of the group ?
3)Have things changed ? etc
I have asked my friends all this and they keep reassuring me and have said I have nothing to worry about, of course I can sit with them, im 100% part of the group nothing has changed between us. but I still have all these thoughts at the back of my mind, it keeps me up at night, I cry randomly and even though I feel like I have moved passed it a bit and my mum says im back to my normal self and that theres nothing to worry about but im still having these worry's . mum thinks I will feel better once school starts again and I see them and I know face to face everything is fine
I don't know where all this came from , I had a conversation with my I thought best friend a week or so ago and I thought I was losing her and she just said look we haven't been the same since the argument we had in year 8 and while were not best friends (but also for here best friend and all that is just a title that she doesn't care about) anymore were still friends and im here for you, could this conversation be the reason im overthinking and paranoid about everything else or could that have just been the start of it ?? or is there nothing wrong with me at all, could it be hormonal, just being a teenager , has anyone else gone through something similar to this
also my pop died in august of 2015 and I haven't really been the same since them..
please help I really need it xx thank you baffle
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replied January 24th, 2016
Maybe you're just afraid that people will leave you. Don't you worry, they'll don't. Do not listen to those voices telling you people around you will leave you. Those are liars. I've been there and I don't want you to repeat those things I did before. Do not let yourself create a problem that doesn't really exist.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad, by the way.

Wish you all the best NINA! Smile
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replied January 25th, 2016
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See, people change. And even you do, so dont dwell too much on that but take things one at a time. And also if you have faith, that is why people also cling to God, because He is faithful unlike people who are sometimes weak, sometimes strong.
Have faith, little one.
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