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Paranoid about STDs

I've one girlfriend before and it lasted a while but we never did anything. Now I'm starting to date other girl. The problem is, I'm a little older now and I'm afraid if I date her and we start to get a lot more comfortable, that she is not a virgin and has an STD. And I know hat you are thinking, that is not the only thing on my mind when dating, in fact I don't ever plan to do it for a while. But it seems like all those sex talks have gotten me saying how most teens are infected. It worries me and that is one thing holding me back, that if we ever did progress to that I am worried I wiill get an STD, and I never really want to. Why am I so paranoid?
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replied October 20th, 2010
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it is actually GOOD you are considering this and thinking about it...there are many people out there that are so wrapped up in preventing pregnancy that they completely forget that STDs are a HUGE issue...its refreshing to know there are teens like you out there that ARE concerned about this issue! if you get serious with this girl you two should talk about sexual history...if she has been sexually active in the past then just express your concerns and tell her you feel like before anything gets physical you want to get tested together...the only way to be 100%sure she doesn't have anything is to get tested...many STDs can be in the system but show little to no outward signs or symptoms..definitely get tested and wear rubbers!
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