I'm a 27yr old male with a new addition or two in my pubic area. The last sex I had was in December '08 around Christmas. It was a threesome with a girl I'd been with in the past, but we were never exclusive. Considering the odds went up with multiple partners, I used a condom. I was pretty drunk, but I didn't notice any signs that led me to believe she had any std's. I usually shave and then Nair my pubic area, so an occasional ingrown hair hasn't really ever concerned me. Well, I moved out of state and haven't been trimming or using Nair since I left. A few weeks ago, around March 1st, I noticed what looked like a pimple a couple inches from the shaft in the pubic area. I know I shouldn't, but I tried to pop it. The tip of it was slightly hard but still had a very little amount of a thin blood/pus mixture come out. I thought it was a seed wart or something because there was no hair follicle in the middle and it took a couple plucks with tweezers to get it all the way off. After a couple days it went away completely. About 5 days later, I noticed two towards the top of my pubic line about 3 inches across from each other and I left those alone. They didn't look like they could be popped anyways. Just kind of small, pink dots that almost came to a point, like the start of a pimple. A couple days later they disappeared completely as well. Then I really started looking for these pimples. I didn't have any for a couple weeks when, all of the sudden, I woke up this morning and there was another pimple, similiar to the first one, about an inch from the shaft in another spot all together from the other three. Now it looks like a pimple that could pop, but I don't want to take any chances spreading whatever it is. I've done hours of research on herpes, but have yet to see pictures that resemble what I've had. They haven't been painful, nor very big, no clusters, lesions, craters, scabing over, not in the same spot, no fever, no burning while urinating. The first one was slightly itchy, but the other three have not been. Although I'm so paranoid now that I keep looking for symptoms and try to convince myself that there are reasons other than herpes for every time I adjust my genitals. My two partners haven't said anything, but then again, I haven't either. Too embarassed until I find out. I will go to get tested, but there are no free clinics out where I'm at and I'm short on money. I hope you could give me some suggestions so I'm not up at 2am researching herpes every night. I really do appreciate this service you provide.

Thank you
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replied April 15th, 2009
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I honestly don't believe it's herpes. Herpes is very painful and uncomfortable. If you stopped shaving your area, some grease, sweat, bacteria or anything else could be causing the pubic acne.
The other thing I can think of is stress bumps which people can get all over the body, but I really think it's just your body adjusting to having the hair there again.
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