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Paralysis Due to hyper Tension during delivery

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My Sister aged 32 and last year admitted in Vellore CMC for her Delivery. She got a baby boy in a normal delivery and after delivery within few mins she was unconcious and her right side leg and hand was paralysed. Doctors aren't explained us what is the root cause. She has undergone neurosurgery to recover the impact of blodd clot in her left hemisphere. For nearly a month she is in ICU and in unconscious state.

After three months of hospitalisation and treatment, now she is normal in conciousness and memory. But still her right leg, Hand and facial movement aren't improved even a bit.

In intial days, she need assistance to wake up from bed and walking with gaiter. however we gave her continous physiotherapic exercises and she is now walking with walker support without any human assistance.

Her left side skull bone removed during the First surgery was yet to be replaced, whether the surgery to replace this has any vulnerablity ?

Please suggest me the best answers for the below also
1. what may be the next steps or any good institution in india to treat her.

2. I am thinking about giving ayurvedic treatment to her. whether that may be o.k
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