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Panick Attack cramped muscles

Hi new here
I have suffered panick attacks for 30 years on and off, i am now 50 and find they are returning with force of late, i wonder could this be connected to early menopause, i have not been testes for menopause but things are changing..

I am happy with my life, but have some personal issues with family history(adopted) that have stayed in my brain,ie, not seeing adoptee mother now very old and in home,because of how she feels about me,and other family thinking i'm not worthy..

I thought being of a age i was coping,I am happily married 2 kids etc, but panick attacks are starting when i go to venture out to eat,shop etc, i feel i start fidgeting in resturaunts,muscles start to cramp and tighten, to the fact i have to get up and leave to go home a.s.a.p.. it's becoming a nightmare, it takes me all day to relax again,i am also waiting for a ct scan for sudden sharp chest pains,been in and out of A & E more times lately than ever.findings say all ecg's clear,but a ct scan would be helpful,

So... could this be menopausal? Is it pure anxiety? is anyone else getting tightness with panic..
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replied March 30th, 2011
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Hi middas and welcome to ehealth: I think all the things you speak about kind of go together...Panic attacks are very prevalent with Menopause...Then to have the attacks in the public does make it worse...You should talk to your doctor...Maybe he/she can give you something to help you along the way...My best advice would be to concentrate on the people who love you....Take care...

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