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so the morning of the 13th me & my husband had sex . Now Its the 14th . I got off work took a nap & woke up to a surprise which was a light pinkinsh Color. After eating and watching a little TV I felt nauseated and had to vomit. Does this mean im pregnant ?, Even if all of this has happened the day after?
I used to be on Depo which cause my cycles to be very irregular . but this time everything happened differently! can someone help please!!
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replied June 14th, 2016
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No, you would not be having pregnancy signs the day after sex. You might be seeing implantation spotting from sex five or six days ago. Now wait a week or ten days before running a home pregnancy test.

With irregular cycles it would be good to learn the signs of ovulation - fertile elastic mucus, cervix soft high open wet, sex drive in high gear and maybe an ovulation cramp.
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