I feel like I am in a dream constantly.
Lightheaded/off balance constantly
Waking up at night feeling weird in chest, shaking with sweaty palms and feet
Get worked up and aggravated really easy
Get out of breath really easy but not all the time
Heavy legs/ arms get tired easy but not all the time
Always tired
headaches/earaches/back and neck pain/vision problems
grind teeth at night when i didn't before
snore when I didn't before
Fear of being alone like I am going to pass out and none is going to find me
arms and fingers get tingly
there is a spot in my back that gets tingly and hurts
chest pressure
feel tired after eating
ears are all clogged up and are always popping
I have sinus problems a lot
I have lost a lot of weight in the last year because I cannot eat like I used to. I get really full fast. I am scared to go to restaurants or eat in public because I feel my worst after I eat
I have a fear of going anywhere by myself or even to a store with a lot of people because I am scared that I will pass out. I wake up some mornings feeling like I drank way too much with head pressure and I DO NOT drink. I DO NOT do drugs or smoke. I have a fear of exercising because I don't want to get out of breath because that gives me panicy feeling, which makes me feel like I am going to pass out. WHen I bend over to to tie my shoe or just talk to my kids and I stand back up I feel like I am going to pass out and my head is just pounding, it feels like tons of blood is rushing to my head. Im constantly worried about my health. All this started about 4 months after I had my daughter. I thought about getting an EKG, I already have had an MRI on my brain and that was fine. Bloodwork came out fine as well. What is this? Can someone with panic attacks or anxiety feel so nasty every day all day? Can you really feel dizzy and like you are in a dream for a year straight? This is no joke, people do not believe me, they think I am crazy. I have had to quit my job that paid quite well. Sometimes when I wake up at night I shake so bad and feel like I have to go number 2 then after I go (while feeling so dizzy) I quit shaking after about 10 minutes. I'm sorry this is so long winded but this is what I put up with on a daily basis. ALL of this EVERYDAY. I am so frustrated and it is hurting my relationship with my husband who doesn't understand and tells me to just push past it and to just suck it up. I can't, I wan't to but I can't. Please someone help me. Any input would be great. I am possibly having an EKG on Friday.
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replied January 7th, 2009
I understand
I understand how you feel because I have the exact symptoms. My doctor gave me xanax and I only need .5 mil to help the immediate problem. Xanax take about 5 to 15 mnts to work without any side effects, that other pills have. I have the same problems with my health. My doctors told me that its related to stress and advised me to take paxile 25 mg every night before I go to sleep. This also help the problem. I had CT scans of the heart,brain,and organs, ultrasound and blood work and they all came back negative. I have problems exercising,sinus surgery,tierd,nervous,no feeling in my finger tips, numbness in the body. This comes and goes every 6 months, sometimes longer. I felt alone, but my doctor said this is a common problem under alot of stress a chemical in balance of the brain. Also called flight or fight. Reading your article gave me a perspective on the fact that i'm not alone and feel we can get past this.
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