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Panic Attacks - Relief without Medication?

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Hi everyone, I have a few different things that are affecting one another and causing me to experience fainting spells 2-3 times a month. I have mitral valve prolapse, an underactive thyroid, and just today was told by 2 different doctors (one being a cardiologist) that I may have panic disorder. I have taken medication before, but I would hate to take the 3 different medications for the rest of my life. I would love to find another way. While I am listening to the doctors, it would also help to hear other opinions. Does anyone have a helpful routine to relieve their panic attacks? I get them mainly at work and the situation has only become worse over time. I'll take the medication for now, but my long-term goal is to the reduce the amount of medication I need to be on in the future. I appreciate any and all suggestions Smile
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replied January 16th, 2012
A few suggestions that may or may not be helpful:
I find the lighting has a lot to do with my panic attacks. If your office, like many, has not-so-great lighting it might be helpful for you to have lamp (if that is possible) at your desk.
Lavender hand/body lotion. It's very calming.
Stretching has always helped me with my anxiety, so has coloring (in a coloring book...which I wouldn't do at work but it is very relaxing!).

You seem to know when you are most likely to get panic attacks, try and figure out if it's a specific time of day or specific situation that triggers the attack. If it's something you can change, change it. If not, you can prepare yourself and try and lessen the attack.
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