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Panic Attacks--Amphetamines?

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I have really bad ADHD and am diagnosed with that from my psychiatrist. I also have a lot of symptoms of ADD as well and am a person that is a combined type I believe. I feel the ADHD is more noticeable most of the times that I can 'notice' but I also feel ADD is very problematic. Anyhow, I know a lot of stimulants can worsen anxiety but mine seems to be really bad lately. I am tremulous a lot with my hands shaking and my heart races sometimes. I feel quite nauseated and sick to my stomach and have bad headaches. I didn't get this with Methylphenidate medicines. I am also taking Zoloft right now at 50 mg and I did prefer 100 mg over the 50 I am on now.

Is there something I could take to help with this feeling of nervousness and anxiety possibly provoked by the ADHD medicine I am on? I am taking a relatively small dose of Vyvanse right now after having tried that, Adderall, Straterra, Ritalin, and Concerta. Ritalin was by far my favorite although I hated taking so many doses but I do quite well on the short acting medicines. I did 'okay' on Adderall short acting tablets although I had atrocious fatigue for some reason.

Is it possible to take Ritalin more than 3 times a day? Will this provoke my anxiety as much as Vyvanse? I am having a hard time with all this. My doctor is very flexible though and is willing to help me in any way he can. I took Ritalin 10mg 3x/Day and liked it a lot but I was wondering if maybe I could go back and try a higher dose?
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