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panic attacks/ adrenaline rush?

hi, im 21 years of age and i believe i get panic attacks &/or adrenaline rushes:
i get panic attacks/ adrenaline rush the reason i say this is because i feel that someone is going to come kill me or i am going to die,i did used to drink alot before i experienced one the only other time i experienced it was when i took magic mushrooms in amsterdam and i freaked out. i do believe alchole brings them on as if i have a heavy drink for the next 3-4 days i will feel absolutly aweful, light headed, dizzie, could i be allergic to alchole?.. i've been to my doctors and he dosn't belive there to be anything wrong with me, this has drove me to go private however whislt i am waiting i thought it be best to post on here. I took the mushrooms when it first happend when i was about 18 1/2 that was my first attack, the second time was late last year when one weekend i drank 4 bottles of vodka thur, fri, sat and i woke up on the sunday laid in my garden and it was just like a wave came over me, very strange.. i just wanted to run off, completly freaked out, but it is defiantly alchole related...( it also makes me depressed as i just don't know what the hell is happening to me my friends etc are going on holiday and i am too frightend to go as i think something aweful with happen whilst i am abroad i.e. i'll die!!, it's constant anxiety aswell, i would pay a whole years salary just to fix it! thanks for reading and any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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First Helper Laurjam2

replied March 28th, 2011
Aah nice to hear someone actually using the word "adrenaline rush" exactly the words I used when I finally went to Dr. Obviously you'll want to stay away from the shrooms and totties for awhile til you put this treatable ailment in check. Go to Dr, tell them your symptoms of anxiety and now panic attacks. I'd keep the drug and booze part out as they may dismiss treatment. (Oh and probably not allergic to alcohol) If family practice won't help you ask to be referred to mental health Dr. I went 5 months every waking minute body shaking like a leaf "adrenaline rush" head felt in a fog, nourishment ran out of 1 end or another. "adrenaline rush" worst 5 months of my 32 years. Finally (after 3 different Drs) my own could see me and the fix began. Paxil was the drug had to increase up to 40mg before felt normal again, along with xanax 0.05 to calm the big waves. Didn't use much of as can be addicting. Took about month and 1/2 to feel completely free of anxiety and panic. 14yrs later I still take paxil 20mg/day. If you choose this route may I also advise never, never stop paxil abruptly. You must wean slowly. Good luck to ya Ooooh sure I'd love 1 year salary. lol just joshing
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replied June 28th, 2011
I too am glad to hear adrenaline rush because that is the only way I could explain what I felt two weeks ago at work. I take Klonopin and Celexa. I have had this disorder since my 20's I am 59 now. Two weeks out of the blue I got a huge adrenaline rush from my feet to my head and went to the ER. I know it is panic and anxiety. They wanted to take brain scan test, Mri, but I made an appointment with my meds doctor. He said I was having a panic attack. The feeling was weird like cold rush going thru my body. Can anybody related?
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