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Panic attack and Brain tumor??

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Hi, I was just curious, does symptoms of panic attack relate to any type of brain diseases or tumors? What I'm trying to ask is say someone is suffering from panic attacks, should he or she be concerned about having brain tumor or disease? or could it be all mental?
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replied August 10th, 2008
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all mental just in ur head! i go threw it a few times a week for nothing just comes outta the blue. hope that helps.
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replied September 6th, 2009
Can Brain Tumors Cause Anxiety Attacks While Driving?
Actually, I've had panic attacks. 2 were big ones while driving. This was a couple of years ago. I was able to grow through most of it, but then, a year ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that is the slow growing type. It's been there a LONG time, but I never had any obvious symptoms over the years. I was thinking recently that panic attacks maybe could be related to brain tumors etc., though the doctor didn't say that(I didn't get to ask him yet - they're kinda busy at times). More specifically, that a brain tumor could be related to hormonal imbalances in the body, and that hormonal imbalances could cause panic attacks. It still comes down to the same thing though: if you have attacks, try to reduce as much stress in life as possible, do things that you enjoy - more often, eat & drink healthier, and get as much Zzz's as you can. If you still have a lot of problems after several months, then you should see a doctor as you might have something else wrong (either with your hormones or head). I never saw a doctor for the panic attacks (they went away for a time), but didn't know I had a tumor until I was pregnant & having seizures. Don't know if any of this helps -- just some thoughts I've had...
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