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Gastritis is a general term for stomach disorder. Learn more about types of gastritis, and the anatomy of the stomach in this basic intro to gastritis....
Gastritis occurs when the stomach lining becomes irritated and inflamed. But what can cause this medical condition? Are you at risk of this stomach disorder?...
Gastritis, or stomach inflammation, can be either acute or chronic. Learn how to tell the difference and know when to seek medical help by reading here....
I am searching for information on pancreatic stones for my father who has a stone of 1 cm in diameter. The doctors seem to think it is inoperable due to it's large size. Shock wave lithotripsy may be an option but it is not widely used for pancreatic stones and has some risks. I would much appreciate any information on this topic.
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replied April 30th, 2012
I have pancreatic stones , one is 9mm ,lucky all in side ducts.
I was told by the pancreatic surgeons the best way to remove them is to cut open the pancreas, so they can do that for your father ! To go through the pancreatic duct is not always the best option for any pancreatic stones.
hope that helps
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