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Pancreatic cancer and gallbladder cancer concern.

I have elevated Amylase Abnormal 152 H normal Units U/L 28-1
LIPASE Normal 28 Units U/L 13-60 H. PILORY Negative.
Hemoglobin A1c(%) 6.32H % 4.0-6.0 Cholesterol Abnormal 204 H units mg/dl <200
Borderline high cholesterol 200-239
High-blood cholesterol >/=240 direct LDL 144 H UNITS MG/DL 130-159MG/DL

SYMPTOMS:Bloated Abdomen/Upper abdomen bloated/Indigestion/Upper back pain behind my chest.Stool sometimes is a little watery, constipation, I can feel gurgling in my stomach and gas.Acid Reflux everyday. MY GI MD ordered an CT of the Abdomen with and without contrast.
because I am worried of Pancreatic cancer.I have a 6mm Polyp in my Gallbladder diagnosed 04/09/18.CT of the Abdomen w/o and w/contrast Technique \: Multiple CT Images were performed over the Abdomen w/ the benefits of intravenous contrast material. Low does protocols were performed: Findings: ON the pre-intravenous contrast examination,bilateral intrarenal stones are seen at the upper poles, to the 3 mm range on the right, 2 mm range on the left.NO hydronephrosis nor proximal hydroureter nor perinephric inflammatory change indetified at this time.
On the post-intravenous contrast study, the visualized lung bases are clear.There is no suspicious liver enhancement or mass discerned. There is generalized decreased density the liver compatible with fatty infiltration. No gallstone identified.The spleen is remarkable in size and appearance. The pancreas is without suspicious expansion or enhancement.Pancreatic margins are well-defined,and no peripancreactic inflammatory change nor fluid is identified. No adrenal masses are identified.The bilateral kidneys are without suspicious enhancement or hydronephrosis or inflammatory change. Intrarenal stones are present as described above.No dilated or thickned upper abdominal bowel loops are identified. No Upper abdominal adenopathy indetified.

Impression: Bilateral intrarenal stones. No hydronephrosis nor inflammatory change seen at this time. No suspicious pancreatic finding at this time.Fatty Liver

To reply to his reading" The radiologists" How come he didn't see Gallstone 6 mm polyp identified back in 4/09/18 and the fatty lipoma in the middle on the chest, but he was able to see the kidneys stones that are 3 mm and 2 mm. I called him said because a mass has to be dense and that the test for Gallstone polyp was only seen with an ultrasound. So this makes me doubt he actually carefully saw my pancreas or missed any tumors or pancreatic cancer??
this test CT of the abdomen and chest was done 9-7-18 I didn't list the chest because everything was clear except he dint see the lipoma on my sternum as well he said. Did he misdiagnosed me and i am having the risk of having pancreatic cancer??
endoscopy was done 2/18/18 and colonoscopy 4/09/18 and everything was normal.Also MRI of the abdomen without contrast on 4/28/19 and pancreas was clear. Repeated endoscopy recently after my ct on 9/21/18 and no stomach cancer. What is i have gallbladder cancer or pancreatic cancer and radiologist missed finding? MY GI MD saw the report it was sent to him. He said that my endoscopy was fine no stomach cancer, accept i had a little irritated esophagus but he also took biopsies. Im 38 yr, 5'7 weight 174.9 lot like 7 pounds in a week. Maybe because I've been eating a little less but this worries me!
symptoms: Upper right abdominal quadrant is a little swollen its not symmetrical with the upper left abdominal quadrant it is more flat. Middle upper stomach feels bloated/inflammation/gas gurgling and a burning pain at times/acid re-flux/ some constipation/upper back pain/ elevated liver enzymes/Bilirubin *1+mg/dl F1 keytone*2+mg/dl
i am also losing hair. My symptoms have been consistent for a month. THE GI just gives me Dexilant or Omeprazole. I think I have a more serious condition no improvement. Should I worry That THE CT Scan of the abdomen was not a good test to find pancreatic cancer or gallbladder cancer. The radiologist said he didn't see the polyp on the gallstone which measures 6 mm not the chest fatty lipoma above my breatsbone. its weird he said the kidneystones so this means he could have missed pancreatic or gallbladder cancer. Im worried.
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