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pains virtually all the time, Gallbladder?

Hi I am a 51 year old male who has been having stomach cramping on both left and right hand side and pains in the centre of my rib cage the pains tend to move about but I have one of these pains virtually all the time in on of the places mentioned I have had the pains for about 8 weeks and they are dull and do not cause me real discomfort . The pains does get worse if I eat fatty foods and I also get an upset tummy after eating fatty food especially at breakfast time. My question is can a gallbladder give long turn symptoms like I these. Ps waiting an appointment for an ultrasound
Thank you
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replied May 4th, 2012
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The gallbladder can give persistent low-level symptoms, but these are typically not caused by gallstones. Although the ultrasound may or may not show gallstones this may not mean very much since anything up to a quarter of people wandering around have them without any symptoms. If you do have gallstones then they are not likely to be causing your discomfort since gallstone pain is crippling and only lasts for a period of hours at a time. Gallstones might themselves be a symptom of a poorly functioning gallbladder but that would require a different test to diagnose.

Or this might be nothing to do with your gallbladder. Plenty of things would cause these symptoms and I wouldn't have expected your doctor to pick the gallbladder to investigate first.
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