i am 19 and getting pains near my ribs the day after drinking vodka it feels like stabbing pains everytime i take a breath and when i lay down i get these pains also and im not sure what it could be..this is the second time i have felt like this recently after drinking and im not really sure what the problem could be.
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replied November 6th, 2009
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well first off, you might want to stop drinking. if it hurts, why do it again?

second, pain on ingestion of alcohol is a documented symptom of hodgkins disease. it is a rare symptom, but has been confirmed nonetheless. see your GP for more information.
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replied December 12th, 2009
Yea i think i would agree with the stop drinking comment (at least drinking hard liquer). But it could also just be heart burn. Many people mistake heartburn for something else especially upon first experiancing it. Keep some tums handy and next time you feel it try to take a few. I defanitely get heartburn when i drink so it is a possibility (especailly if those were redbull and vodkas) energy drinks will tear you up inside.
Jonny R.N.
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