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Pains after first intercourse

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I am a little worried as I had sex with my bf several times these couple of days but it was my first time and I don't feel very well. I feel somewhat of a heavy feeling at the lower part of my belly, which I feel slightly swollen , and a bit of pain on the far right and left side lower sides towards the pelvis. I hope it is just the muscles and not any infections. I hope you will be able to help me.

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replied July 29th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
I hope you used condoms and/or some other form of birth control.

I think it is just from the extra "exercise" and pressure on your lower body that sex brought about.

It is possible to get an infection from sex. These are typically vaginitus (a host of different infections in the vagina) or a uniry tract infection (UTI).

If it is vaginitus you will also be itching with an abnormal and smelly vaginal discharge.

A UTI is much closer to what you are describing. They have a term for it with just married couples Honeymoon Cystitis where sudden and frequent sex cause a UTI. You will normally have a burning sensation when urinating with a UTI.

If it does not feel better within a few days or it get worse, see a health care professional.
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