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Painless hernia and swollen penis

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Hi, guys. I'm new here and this is my first post, so please be kind. I have good reason to believe I have a hernia, but I am not sure if my symptoms are consistent with the condition. Let me know what you guys think.
Four or five days ago (during the big storms here in California), I suddenly got what I thought was a migraine headache. I was out of commission, and all I wanted to do was lie down in bed and rest. I rested, slept, and I noticed the following morning that my penis was swelling. Looking down at my crotch, I saw what appeared to be two rashes about four inches to the left of the shaft of my penis, and about three inches toward my navel. I thought that maybe I had a bed bug attack and the swelling and rashes would go away, though oddly for bedbug bites, I had no itching sensation. The next day the situation was the same, swollen penis, the two rashes, migraine headache. The day after that, my migraine went away and I had my appetite again, I could stand and walk and even run if I wanted, but the rashes remained and my penis was still swollen. At first I thought that this would be nice to have a change in girth to my member because I would make a lot of women happy, but I knew this was a temporary condition. I took a closer look at those non-itchy rashes and feeling around, I felt a lump to the left, about the size of a pea. At first I thought this was part of the bed bug, but this lump was below the surface of the skin, so no way was it a bed bug bite. It was then I realized that something serious happened. A tumor? Nah, it would not develop so suddenly. I realized that the two rashes were actually bruises that lay between this lump and my penis, so to me that spells hernia. I did a little anatomical resarchi on the internet and found that this lump exists directly along my inguinal ligament. I am not a doctor, but I am nearly certain that I have a hernia of some sort. I thought it was inguinal, but according to my research, I am likely to have a femoral hernia, given that this lump exists right under the inguinal ligament.
What should I do next? I am 41 years old, I have never been sick before, keep myself in perfect shape, no bad habits, and up until now have been healthy and never had the need to visit a doctor. I do have health insurance, but it is a basic policy to cover catastrophic. Despite having this hernia and swollen penis, I otherwise feel great, I can walk, lift weights, and c go about my normal life, though I feel that if I do not do anything about it now that I will not be able to later. Here are my questions.

1. What kind of doctor should I consult for this condition? Will a general practitioner do, or do I need to see a specialist for this? If so, what kind of specialist is this who treats this? Remember, I do not have a primary care physician because I have been up until now, invincible.

2. Given the experts here, do you guys think that I have, in fact, a hernia, drawing a comparison to your experiences?

3. Could it be conceivably possible for me not to treat this and live perfectly well with this painless (for now) hernia indefinitely? I will certainly do something about this, but can people go on for years and years living with a hernia without any change to their lifestyle?

Thanks for your input, guys.
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First Helper RK831

replied January 26th, 2010
Go to a GP or internal medicine doctor for an evaluation
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replied February 11th, 2010
My inguinal hernia was diagnosed by my urologist (also a surgeon).
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replied October 25th, 2013
My husband has the same situation like yours now. Just one day he woke up with his penis swollen and a little pain where he had operation for his hernia long time ago. Is there any progress so far in your situation. Your reply will be a great help. Thanks.
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