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Painful teeth

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I'm new, please be gentle.

I have lousy teeth, crowns on everything from the bicuspids back, Most of the remaining teeth have fillings. Four of the crowns have also had root canals. Even though I have dental insurance it only paid for 10% of all the work I've had done.

I still have many problems with my teeth. Sensitivity even with the 3 of the root canals. I just finished a course of antibiotics because the Wednesday before Christmas I woke up with extreme pain in my lower right jaw (where there are 3 root canals) and was running a low grade fever with chills. This is the second time I've had an infection in that area, the first was before the root canals. The root canals were done two to three years ago.

I'm looking into options. My mother had dentures at 30 and I've managed to keep my teeth 20 years longer. But it's been very costly both in terms of money and pain. I still can't chew well.

Yes, I take care of my teeth both flossing and brushing and go to the dentist regularly. My teeth are simply bad. Probably should have had orthodontia as a child but when I was a kid my teeth weren't considered bad enough but my brothers (who have had 1 cavity between the two of them) were and they got braces.

I go back to my dentist and endodontist (they work out of the same office) on Thursday and am ready to tell them I want dentures. I literally can't remember a time when my teeth haven't caused me pain. I've been through all the sensitivity treatments and 4 root canals.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. TIA
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