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Painful stool problems

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I am not sure how to describe this. I have had previous problems with hemrhoids and fissures and not sure if this is connected. I am having trouble passing the stool. It take about 3 days to pass and it feels like when I push the stool is going sideways instead of down. I can feel the bulge across my anus and the stool is right there but won't come out. When I finally get enough "back pressure" to pass it with lots of pain the stool is definately shaped like a "candy cane". Sorry for the descriptive words but don't know how else to describe it. There is a large hook shape to the stool and by anus is sore from the passing for hours after. I have just finishes a bowel movement and the only way I could pass the stool was by taking a laxative last night (something I don't do often) and now I will be fine for a few days. I amy have regular stool for a week or so and then this problem will probably start again. It also seems to be more in the hot weather if that makes any sense. I remember years ago having a lower GI and the Dr saying I had "extra" intestines but I a not sure if this is relavent or not. Any help would be appreciated.
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replied November 30th, 2010
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Hi gladtobe1952....Try staying with a diet with fiber...This should help you....The fact that you have a extra intestine does bear on this problem...You should have a Colonoscopy done and be checked out...It has been far too long...Take care...

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replied December 11th, 2010
Thanks, I will try to add more. I have had a colonoscopy and the results were not clear. What do you mean it has been far too long?
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