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Painful stinging of arms, legs and face, I found help

I just wanted to share my experience as it might help another woman suffering. I am NOT a medical doctor or medical healthcare expert. I am however, a certified social researcher and Doctoral Candidate and therefore understand formal research processes and validity. My doctor could not figure out what was wrong with me so I used my research skills to help myself. A year ago, I started burning and stinging. The stinging was so bad, I'd cry. It was in my arms, legs and face. My doctor just put me on Neurotin. I finally did figure it out and resolve the problem.

I suffer from estrogen dominance. I noticed that when I took my thyroid medicine, (which interacts with estrogen), it got worse. When I ate anything high in estrogen for the burning, the burning went away but the stinging got much much worse. Then I discovered that the supplement GABA stopped the stinging. GABA also interacts with estrogen.

Now I did a lot of research. I discovered that bioidentical or natural progesterone cream would help the burning so I started taking it. What a huge help! Then I found formal medical research articles and commentary written by women hormonal doctor specialists that talked about treating estrogen dominance in perimenopausal and menopausal women. They claimed that giving more estrogen, irrespective of the type, was the wrong treatment. They also said that some sources causing estrogen dominance were found in our foods (soy, seeds, nuts), hormones added to meat and then leaking into dairy, and some pesticides. My doctor figured out that the E-cigarette was adding to my problem. Don't use those or smoke. I quit that the hour when he told me. University Hospitals Neurology Dept in Cleveland, Ohio shared that information with him.

I discovered SOY in many of my vitamins! I LOVE seeds and nuts. I had to eliminate, nuts, seeds, soy and chocolate! I had to start washing my fresh foods better and buy some organics where I could afford it. I also found huge help and relief from detoxifying baths. I take one once a week. The symptoms are gone now. It took a month though for the baths to start to help. I use detox baths that help remove chemicals from the body.

I treat myself like this: I take bio-identical progesterone cream... I had to make sure there were no estrogens in the creams. I eliminated all vitamins with soy in them and bought better sources; I take a large amount of D3 (I have Lupus which could have dramatically contributed towards my problem). I had to be sure I bought D3 without soy. I take B complex, Potassium, Armour Thyroid and Biotin. I added DIM which inhibits that bad estrogen I'm too high in. Very important too is that weekly detoxifying bath. If my symptoms get out of hand because I ate something I should not have, I take 750mg of GABA. Since my self-treatment, I've only need the Neurotin once. I hated the Neurotin because it makes me dizzy and tired.

I recommend any woman suffering from this awful stinging and is NOT diabetic look into estrogen dominance. Review what you are eating. I am shocked at how much estrogen is in our foods and vitamins. Ask your doctor to measure all your estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone. My doctor did not figure it out because he only ran the luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones. One was way too high and the other was way too low.
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replied November 24th, 2014
Thank you for this helpful advice and for sharing your research.
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