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painful sex from tilted cervix ?

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why does irt hurt mt ovarys when i have sex? i am 23 years old, and every time i do doggie style. doctors have told me that my cervix is slightly tilted upwards. is this why it hurts? and is there any thing i can do to make it less painful?
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replied July 9th, 2010
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jazzy, Doggie is one of the positions that allows for deep penetration. His penis is probably hitting your cervix. For many women that is quite painful. At certain phases of your monthly cycle, your cervix is also lower in your vagina making it more likely.

The way to solve it? Do not use doggie or find a way to keep him thrusting shallower. A penis ring for example will keep him from pushing all the way in. You can also try to change the position slightly, like keeping your legs together so that his knees are outside yours. You can also lie flat on your belly with your legs together and have him enter and have sex from behind that way. Also try to change your torso position during doggie. Keep your head down on the bed, or up high. You can also try to determine if your cervix moving up close to ovulation makes doggy more comfortable for you.

Take care!
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