Ok... so for like oh hell, I don't know... 3 or 4 years maybe... I have been having REALLY bad pain "down there" and I have been to many a doctor and a few emergency rooms even... and the last ER I went to did the most thorough exam by far (pelvic exam, ultrasound, AND a trans-vaginal ultrasound) and they said, "Well we know why you are hurting. You have 2 cysts on each side of your ovaries... about the size of quarters." - That was like back in April or May of last year.

Now, I know that may not sound real big, but I am only 4' 8" tall and weigh like 70-75 pounds. So, yeah, they feel pretty damn painful.

Now, every time I go to doctor, they all say (pretty much) the same thing - "Well cysts are normal. All women get them... there's not really much we can do." And then they put me on birth control. The birth control doesn't seem to help at all.

But it feels like the pain isn't necessarily period related... I mean, yes it still hurts during that time of the month, but the pain is CONSTANT... it doesn't go away when my period stops. It is an ALL month... 24/7/365 thing.

Mad I am sick of this ****!!!!! I wish they would just take the ovaries out!!! Mad
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replied April 18th, 2008
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here's what I found on webMD-

"The tumor can be removed either with laparoscopy, or if needed, an open laparotomy (using and incision at the bikini line) if it is causing severe pain, not resolving, or if it is suspicious in any way. Once the cyst is removed, the growth is sent to a pathologist who examines the tissue under a microscope to make the final diagnosis as to the type of cyst present."

So it looks like they can take it out if it's causing you pain....and they should!!! From what I read, the birth control will help prevent future cysts, but not necessarily make the existing ones go away. And while many women get them, and they usually go away on their own, yours aren't, and they're hurting.

Find a doc who cares!!!
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