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painful lumps in crease of arms, 28 yo F, Lupus,sjogrens

I'm a 28 yr old female with Lupus,sjogrens syndrome and hystory of stroke. My issue is that for the past year I developed a painful lump in the crease of my left arm after getting a tattoo(which ended up getting infected). The lump has affected the nerves in my arm and my hand causing numbness. Just recently I have discovered that there is another painful lump in my left are and one in my right arm. It's becoming very concerning to me because the lumps are pressing on nerves that are affecting my neck. I it is making it very painful to move my neck. I am constantly feeling like I have a stiff neck and need to crack it. But when I keep my arms completely straight my neck doesn't hurt as bad. Has anyone ever experienced this or something close to this?
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Tags: lupus, Stroke
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