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Painful lump under skin

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I have a small pea sized lump under my skin on my back and it hurts. I do not know what it is and what it is caused from.
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replied May 9th, 2010
Have someone look at it and describe it too you. Better yet have a friend use their camera phone and take a close up of it. It its pink, raised, it could just be a boil or bug bite. What type of pain do you feel, and is it just when it is touched or bumped? I got bit by something in the middle of the back of my neck. Woke up one morning and felt a terrible burning pain. Went downstairs to wash up and noticed that the right side of my neck was swollen to. So I felt the area, in was a large size lump, felt like a cyst. When my husband looked at it he said it was a large pink lump. So I went to the urgent care just to be on the safe side. He said it was probably some type of spider bite. It was a large blister by the time I went to see him and he drained it, and tested the fluid for bacteria. 5 weeks later I still have a large deep scab that is still not ready to fall off. A friend said it was most likely a brown recluse spider that bit me judging by the reaction. His friend had one, he had a much worse reaction, but also developed the same type of scab. Well enough about myself, if it does'nt look like a boil, or a bug bite, and does'nt improve in a week go see your doc. If you don't have any other symptoms I really would not worry about it. Hope this helps.
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