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Painful Lump Post Umbilical Hernia Repair

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I had an Umbilical Hernia right above my navel which only became noticeable to me after having my gall bladder removed laproscopically one year ago. I had no significant pain, just a protusion of fatty tissue beneath the skin and a mild discomfort on some days. I had the Umbilical Hernia repaired laproscopically with mesh 6 weeks ago. Since I woke up from surgery I noticed that the soft fatty protrusion now felt like a hard ball shape. Most of my recovery pain is gone but I still have this hard ball above my navel and it is painful. It is smaller than a golf ball but larger than a marble. When I brush up against something or poke it with my finger I get a mild but sharp pain. At 2 weeks post-op. my surgeon said it is just fluid trapped between the mesh and the muscle wall and that my body would eventually absorb it. But it's now 6 weeks and I'm getting worried. Also, still have some numbness between the incision points on the left side of my abdomen and my navel. Should I go and get a second opinion?
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replied May 15th, 2011
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