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Painful lump inside cheek

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I am a 24 year old female and I've had a longish, small walnut-sized lump under my cheekbone going on 9 months now. It seems to start just after the jaw hinge and continues for at least two centimeters along the cheek bone. It seems to be attached at one point to the cheekbone, but is otherwise quite movable. I can feel it from both the outside and the inside of my cheek.

I saw an oral surgeon after noticing it about six months ago. He felt it for several minutes and told me that I probably had nothing to worry about, and to call him if it grew any larger.

I do not believe it has grown larger, though it may have to a slight degree. When I saw the oral surgeon it was not painful unless pressed. Now it is quite painful. I don't know if it feels more painful these days because I am so aware of the lump and often press it. Perhaps I have caused the pain?

I have had lots of trouble with my teeth but there was no abscess noticed by the dentist at my last visit (two months ago) when I had x-rays taken. It also seems like it's in a weird spot to be caused by my teeth.

The oral surgeon was very nonchalant about it and said that he didn't want to do a biopsy, even though it would have put my nerves at rest. Was he wrong or am I just being overly concerned about it? Should I have seen an ENT specialist rather than an oral surgeon?


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