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painful circumcision scars

I had a circumcision about a yr ago and since then I developed several raised, bumpy scars on the dorsal side along suture lines
These scars got painful when stretched like during masturbation or sex
I tried having a revision surgery to remove the scars about 2 months ago
However the region still gets sore and very painful when stretched
Has anyone experienced a condition like this or were able to cure it

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replied October 27th, 2009
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I am unsure of any methods that can be used to cure your condition, however, the men might be able to give you more information Smile

It is not uncommon for scarring after circumcision to occur, and I realize that while becoming circumcised is a very personal choice, one of the reasons I disagree with it being done (unless there are medical conditions that exist) is what you have described. I understand you may have had your reasons, and please understand that I am not passing judgement.
I am not sure if lubrication would help nor am I sure if laser surgery is an option. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully some men on the forums will be able to further help you and give you other options.
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