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Painful bump on bottom of middle toe

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I have this painful bump on the bottom of my left middle toe near the base of the toe off to the side of the toe a bit.

It almost feels like a little splinter, but there is nothing there and it is not going away. It hurts if I press it and it hurts to walk on it, especially when I wake up in the morning. It is not a big bump. My wife looked at it and you can't see anything. It is on the inside of the toe.

Maybe it is not even a bump. More of a painful little spot on the inside of the toe. It does feel as if there is something in there irritating it. I don't recall getting any splinters and don't go around in bare feet.

After I walk on it for a while it isn't as painful. After sitting for a few hours in a movie it also hurts when I get up and walk on it.

I am able to run on it and am doing about 2-3 miles of jogging every other day. I started the running again back in March. The toe didn't start hurting until a few weeks ago so I don't think it is related to the running.

I am 48 years old, not overweight, and in reasonably good health. Just had a physical and have perfect blood pressure, cholesterol is pretty good, and everything looked pretty good from my blood work at that physical.

What might cause a painful spot on the bottom of a middle toe?

Should I see a podiatrist?

Thanks for any info.

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First Helper ashali

replied July 7th, 2010
i have got the same symtoms today i went for ultra sound and that's how i found about the lump
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