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I had my l4-l5 spine fused after a lifting accident that tore my disk. I'm in even worse pain than before the accident. One doctor says my fusion has healed and suggested facet injections. I tried the injections and they provided no long term relief. I then had an injection in my tail bone and this provided relief (total numbness) for about an hour.

It feels like a ripping or tearing pain on the right side of the fusion. What tests can be done to determine what is causing the pain and could this pain be hardware related.


Greg Hill
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replied April 30th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
Hi Greg.

I'm sorry you are still in so much pain.

How long ago was your fusion?

Have you continued to see the same spinal surgeon?

Have you gotten another opinion from another spinal surgeon that is not part of your spine surgeons practice or hospital?

CT scans with contrast dye is one that can be done to see what is going on.

MRI are not much help after a fusion, if you had hardware put in, because the hardware makes the pics blurry.

I suggest that you seek out other opinions from other spine surgeons and have further tests to see what may or may not be going on.

Did you have BMP used with your fusion?

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