hello ,
I am 25 years and today in the morning around 5.00 AM(24-04-2009)
I got a huge pain at left side near testis.
I cant express the pain but it was a huge pain..
I cldnt control...

around 7.00 AM i went to doctor for check up and he told that it was a stone problem.

he gave me a injection, with that after few minutes, pain was controlled...

my question, from morning urine was not coming. If i tried for urine pass, again pain was coming...

and more i have some work in another area, I should go compulsory for couple of days..
the pain was huge , can i control there..
shall i go there???

i dont have money at present for further treatment, i can arrange money after 1 week..

what to do sir,
for this week should i suffer with pain...
and i cldnt pass urine..

iam poor at english, so people may not understand my problem or my question..

but, try to suggest me ...
thank you
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replied June 8th, 2009
Kidney stones can be a very painful condition. Without treatment, sometimes the stones will pass by themselves particularly if they are small (3 mm or less) -- at other times, medical intervention is required.

Pain can be managed but require potent painkillers such as opioids like Perocet or Vicodin which can only be generally obtained via a prescription from a physican. Good luck.
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