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Pain under ribs after drinking

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I got diagnosed with mono in June.
I'm fourteen and I know i'm not supposed to drink till months after.
But I have been partying all summer and I have never had a pain in my side till now.
I went to a party on Friday, and in the morning I had a hangover, but I felt a bit better towards the afternoon.
It wasn't till around 8 pm that I started getting a pain in my side right under my ribs.
It's on the right side and I don't know what's there.
Is it my liver? or my appendix? or my gall bladder.
My neck also hurts, I think my glans are swollen as well.
I don't want to tell my mom I was drinking because I will get in alot of trouble.
Is it just a reaction from drinking after mono or is it just a thing that happens after drinking normally?
I really need to know what's actually there and what's in alot of pain.
And I need to know if I should go to the hospital or if the pain will just pass.
It started hurting yesterday (Saturday) at 8 pm and now it still hurts and it's Sunday at 12:14 pm.
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replied September 20th, 2009
No, that is not a normal symptom of a hangover. Yes, you should probably go to the hospital. Whatever you do stop drinking. You shouldn't drink alcohol for six months after having mono, it can do serious damage to your liver. You are pretty young, so your liver is still developing, so it is really really bad for you to be drinking with mono. It doesn't even sound like you've gotten over mono yet if the glans in your neck are swollen. You don't have to tell your mother you've been drinking, just tell her your side hurts and you want to go the hospital to have it checked out.
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replied September 24th, 2009
I know you can get in trouble man, I got an underage when I was 16 (im 20 now). But trust me, if you are having that pain for real, you gotta do something my friend. It is not worth risking it.
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replied January 20th, 2010
The liver filters all the rubbish out of your body, you liver is trying to tell you somethink
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