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pain under rib cage and bloating

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for about a 2 weeks now I have had pains under both ribs when i breath in and I feel bloated. At first I though this is probably trapped wind but now I feel this could be more.

What this could be??
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replied February 5th, 2009
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The pain felt under the ribcage, that is generally a sharp, stabbing pain, but may also be a dull ache or a burning sensation and it is usually worse when you take a deep breath, cough, or move around, is characteristic for pleurisy.
It is an inflammation of the pleura, a two layered sac that holds the lungs and separates them from the chest wall, diaphragm, and heart.
The cause can be viral respiratory infection or other cause, like pancreatitis (feeling bloated, chest pains, nausea, fever)
GERD, or having acid reflux can cause symptoms like chest pains and feeling bloated.

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replied February 11th, 2009
Severe bloating under the rib gage and shortness of breathe
I had gastric bypass surgery about four years ago.I have had alot of personal stress, I'm bloated and find it hard to breathe when during the night while sleeping. I have gained about 10 pounds. I haven't taken my B12 like I should have lost hair etc. I wonder if I have ulsers and need to return to my doctor. Thanks
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