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Pain under left breast,dull chest pain & tension feelings

Recently i have been getting pains under my left breast, dull chest pain and tension in my head along with tingly strange feeling in my cheeks. I tried to get a doctors appointment for today however they are fully booked and offer me on for next Wednesday!!! Does anyone else have this? I've been told it's probably stress related.....but i'm stressin because of not knowing what it actually is. Just want peace of mine cause its scary! Sad
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replied November 18th, 2012
don't worry m8, the chest pain is normal, the tensin headache (look it up) is normal, i have never heard of tingling in the cheeks, but im sure your fine.
I also have dull chest pains from stress and anxiety, but you know what? its all bull****, you can't feel heart related problems like that, you just can't. its either the anxiety playinh tricks with you or you having overworked you chest muscles and your anxiety is making a bigger deal of it that it actually is.
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