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Pain , stiffness and swelling in joints

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I am a 47 yr old Female-very active and physically fit.

Can Arthritis of any type present symptoms suddenly, and what seems moderately severe, and throughout the body?

I have been having pain, stiffness and swelling in certain joints beginning about 6-8 weeks ago. I also have changes and pain in my Xiphoid Process as well. I am beginning to think all of these things are related to one another.

I also appear to be going through menopause-FSH level are very low; have had the night sweats and hot flashes for about 1 year now; w/o menses since 2-2010, if that is of any importance.

I am hypothyroid and currently stable levels with 1.25 mg levothyroxin.

I have a much more detailed post on the Chest Pain forum dated 10/12/2010 for additional information.

Thank you for any information and suggestions you may have. I would like to know my next step and what types of tests and doctors I should see. I prefer to not be on medications for this if possible.

Thank you!

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