just over a week ago I had a slightly tickly cough. Two days later a pain appeared in the right side of my throat. The interesting thing is I could pin point the pain on my neck by pressing on the point of the pain. Without paracetamol the pain rose up to my ear. Taking pain relief helped nullify the pain, but not remove it.

Having gone to to the doctor in the middle of the week and having been checked to say my glands are fine and she can't see anything inside my throat the pain still remains however my cough is now breaking slightly.

The doctor probably could not see anything as the pain was further down the throat than the light would shine.

So a week and a half on the same pain exists and I am starting to become concerned - should I be?

I am going back to the doctor's this week and no doubt will get reffered.

Anyone with an idea of what this could be - even if it is the worst then let me know as I would rather know straight away and get it dealt with than wait.

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First Helper dan1975

replied May 25th, 2011
Right Side Throt pain
Dan , I have the same kind of pain , Do you know what it was finally , Appreciate your help please let me know
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