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Pain returns 1 month after lupron treatment for 6 months

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I was thrilled to have relief from my probably endometriosis during my 6 months of Lupron treatment with only mild side effects. Now that I've been off it for a month, the pain is back. No period yet but I'm assuming that's coming. Pain meds don't help, just rest. I'm sad because my husband and I were going to try to conceive ASAP but now that the pain is back, I'll probably have to go back on the lupron or a birth control pill, postponing pregnancy more. I'm 32 and the clock really started ticking when my dr. said now is the perfect time to get pregnant. I go back on Wed for a PST treatment for IC- discovered at my follow up appointment last month. I'll ask her about my options then. I've been reading about adoption, not a bad alternative!
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replied June 29th, 2009
I did several rounds of lupron. I would feel better during the first 3 months then the pain would start again. Your best bet ( since your trying to have a baby) would be to ask your doctor about a uterine scraping
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