Hi everyone, i am a tmj sufferer and have had it for 5 years now. it all started with clicking, and 5 years on is taking over my life!

the symptoms i have are: jaw pain, headaches, earaches, blocked ears, ringing ears, tooth aches, sore eyes, neck ache, back ache, arm and right side of body numbness and tingling sensation. i have only just recently started to suffer from insomnia and its driving me crazy. these symptoms started off every now and then but now they

i have tried physio theraphy, soft food diet, night plate, excercise, using heated and cold product for pain relief, but unfortunatly none have really helped and are only very temporary pain relief. the pain used to come early morning and late at night, but now all day, everday.

i tried acupuncture and massage which i find help the most, but i hate inflicting it on my boyfriend as i feel so sorry for him having to always deal with my problem!

i just want to tell all my fellow tmj sufferers that there is hope, as some methods of pain relief can be a solution for you. dealing eith tmj means you have to be determined to conquer it. it is important that you keep trying different methods and try to stay positive. dont let it get to the point where you are considering suicide or anything!

good luck to you all i hope your tmj gets better!
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replied March 10th, 2008
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absoluttly there is hope. a few of us are living proof that there is hope. its just a matter of finding the right treatment
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