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pain 6 months after hernia surgery

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I had inguinal hernia surgery both sides had the mesh, around the first of October. About 3 weeks after my surgery I thought I had gotten a stomach virus and was vomiting for about 4-5 hours after a few days that went away. I been having pain there constantly, if I sneeze I have a sharp pain and pretty much have pain there all the time. This past Saturday I was helping put the groceries away and turned wrong it felt like somethng pulled, as soon as I ate something the nausea was back and has been back ever since. I went to the doctor today he said it could be adhesions and nerve damage. I just dont understand how nerve damage could cause my nausea. He put me on some neurotin and phenagran and told me to increase my activity some to see what happens. I told him all i been doing is sitting and laying on the couch since October. I have tried to do some very light work like walking to the mailbox and doing my errands that need to be done but I still get pain when i try to move. I guess my questions are should I seek a second oppinion are there test that be run to see if that mesh is causing my problems? I am really getting worried about this 6 months after my surgery and still having problems. Also I had to have a hydrocele repair done last month on my left testicle and waiting for that swelling to go down.
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replied April 2nd, 2009
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Chronic groin pain after inguinal hernia repair is a common complication.
The exact cause for the pain is not clear, but, it is believed to be due to nerve entrapment, either in the sutures, mesh or scar tissue.
Some surgeons suggest injection of local anaesthetic or nerve blocks, into the area of maximal tenderness on clinical examination, with or without the addition of anti-neuropathic medication (neurotin).
Also, this pain can be due to adherence of the bowel to the edge of the prosthetic (mesh), adherence of the bowel to the tacks, or relapse of hernia.
Pain resulting from sutures and suture material in skin, and muscular pain due to extension of tacks into the muscles, need to be taken in consideration.
This can be corrected by your surgeon.
Nausea could be a symptom of small bowel obstruction, caused by mesh migration or adhesions.

Visit your surgeon or ask foe second opinion!
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replied July 15th, 2009
Well it's been 10 months after my hernia surgery, 5 months after my hydrocele. Where do I even start lol. Any time I try to be active I get nausea now anytime I move to much I have pain, the area on my right side is swollen and sensitive to touch. I was told my ab wall was weak thought that was what they was suppose to fix in the first place lol. Tesicle is still swollen this makes the third time I been on antibotics cause I keep getting infections. So does anyone have a clue whats going on cause these knothead doctors I am seeing apparently dont.
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