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pain lower right back radiating

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ok all started about 7 weeks back when i was gardening
i got bad back pain(the bad ache went after a few days )
and a muscle spasm after that i felt dull pain lower right
bottom back near my last 2 bottom ribs but can feel a round
lump/hard where my last 2 ribs are that sometimes sticks out and
can feel it sticking out sometimes when walking or moving about
and when the pain comes from there
i now still after all this time get dull aches and pains ( not strong enought to
take pains pills with most of the time )from all around my right side
lower back to right side under ribs to top of my hip
area and radiating across to near my belly button area
but the main pain ,ache is just under my right ribs area,
when i had my first muscle spasm i had 4 more in the first
3 weeks but not had any since (and i still garden but not had much)
it comes on most every day on and off anytime of day from 30 mins to 3-4 hours
even one or two area at the same time but more lower right side back in the mornings
when wake, when i sniff as well i can feel it under my rib
area now iam thinking
it be something more then pulled muscle in my back due to lifting digging etc in the garden
(it still could be but will that radiate from lower middle back to near belly button and
still ache and pain still after 6-7 weeks if muscle)
has anyone
had same symptoms or similar as now i getting worried as i am in a dilemma as i did go
to the doctors and he said the lump/bone looks like its part of the ribs would that
be my floating ribs ??
(i cannot understand why he said it looks like it like he should know )
he felt around my ribs area and he could not tell what
it was and told me to go for ct scan now thats the problem
i got no insurance the wifes not working and they
want $1800 for a ct scan that no way of getting so i asking
if anyone had similar pains etc and if they could tell me
if its not serious at the moment as dunno where i go from here
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replied September 8th, 2009
anyone ????
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