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Pain inside bottom of rib cage, not sure how long

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I'm 21 years old, female. I have smoked for at least eight years. For the past
three years I was on methadone (MMT) about 200mg. I was addicted to heroin for
three years before that. I tapered off of methadone and am currently on my
second day of no methadone. A few weeks ago I started noticing these pains at
the bottom left of my rib cage. It felt like something was coming out from under
my rib cage,scraping against my bottom rib, and then going back underneath my
rib cage. There is also just random throbbing pain in the same area. Now I'm
stalbsrting to get the these pains on my right side too. It is not a constant
pain but I do get it numerous times a day. It doesn't seem to be affected by
food. It seems to maybe even hurt most when I'm hungry? I'm not sure of how long
it has actually been going on because I was on such a high dose of pain opiates
or opioids for the last six years. It hurts more when I move certain ways. Also,
I have lost about twenty pounds in the past couple weeks (110 to 90lbs) but I'm
sure this is from the methadone detox. Could you please let me know any and all
information on what this could be?
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