Hi! Let me start with the longest lasting problem type thing (sorry, I'm not very medically educated).
This started in December of 2006. I get this pain in the upper part of my stomach, near my diaphragm by my ribs. It hurts so severely that it is difficult from me to breathe and it hurts in to my ribs. When this occurs, I sweat really badly and as I said before, it's difficult to breathe and speak. Typically, I'm moaning and crying too. It hurts way, way bad. I have not been able to connect this to anything I eat or stress. It's also not related to mensturation what-so-ever. The pain lasts about 1-4 hours (average) and during this time I am pretty much incapacitated. I've been to a GI doctor and he said it was IBS, however, I experience none of the other symptoms of IBS other than the stomach pain, and a few other doctors have disagreed with this diagnosis.

Okay and here's the other thing. For about a month now, no matter what I eat (pretty much), it gives me diarrhea pretty badly. It's driving me crazy and it's pretty nasty. Anyone know what this could be or ANY MEDS THEY KNOW I COULD TAKE TO CONTROL IT?

I'll be heading to a doctor soon again as soon as I get some more money to pay my bills.

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replied July 11th, 2008
Had doctors made some medical investigations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, before you were diagnosed as IBS?
IBS is a functional disorder and before saying that someone has IBS doctors should exclude several disorders with the similar symptoms like: gastritis, diverticulitis, peptic ulcer, hiatus hernia, intestinal infection, chronic inflammatory diseases, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, chronic pancreatitis etc.
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replied June 17th, 2010
Hi,I had my gall bladder removed a few yrs ago. I have the exact same symptoms for a while now & recently had a colonoscopy. I was told I had a hernia & IBS & am waiting for results as they sent biopsy to the lab. I was given protium to take for a few weeks to see how i get on. I would like to know what u were diagnosed with & if u ever got the problem sorted after? Would be really grateful if u could reply..

Thanks a mil..
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