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Pain in the molar tooth due to tooth-filling

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I had experienced intense jabbing pain in one of my lower molar teeth while flying earlier this year. Upon consulting the dentist, an x-ray was taken and he couldn't find any infection in the tooth.However, he came to the conclusion that the reason for the pain is the tooth-filling that rests on my gum because of the tooth being partly broken, which in turn irritates the nerves due to the change in pressure. He advised me against going for an RCT at that point of time as he feared it would lead to further complications.

For the past few days, I am having recurring pain in that tooth. It is sharp and unbearable and I generally suffer from it for 5/6 times during the course of the day. So, I was thinking whether getting rid of the this tooth-filling will help, will it ease off the pain? Or should I consult some other dentist?
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