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pain in the base of my skull, ears and down my neck

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Hi guys. i have been to many doctors over the years and no one is able to give me an explination so i hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

Basically i get excrutiating pain at the base of my skull ears and down my neck when ever i am exposed to water and wind.

if at any time the back of my head is wet and a bit of wind hits it the pain starts and it continues to get worse to the point that i almost feel paraletic. my face starts to go numb i get all tingly and feel like passing out if i let the pain go for to long.

the only way i have been able to stop the pain from occuring is to cover the back of my neck from the wind.

I first go it at around 18 years old. as i was a surfer all my life i had to find a way around it, if i wanted to keep surfing. the only way was to wear a surfing helmet every time i go in the water.

also when i got 25 year old it started to get a little worse. when i am also a full time basketballer and when ever i play basketball my head get sweaty and then when i run the wind is then incorporated. so the only way i could stop the pain is to wear a head band. and make sure i cover the occipital part of my skull.

my brother and mother also developed it at about the same age and none of us have every been told what the condition is.

can anyone help with a name of the syndrom or condition please?
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