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Pain in right testicle caused by underwear

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lately i have been having pain in my right testicle. But it all started 2 weeks back when i wore this underwear and this formal pant of mine .so when i sat down in the car the fork of the pant was pushing my underwear to my groin thereby squeezing it . this happened the next day too even after i changed my pant . i decided not to wear those 2 pants again . i wore a different m uch more comfortable pant the next day.

the problem is because of those 2 days i have developed a pain in my right testicle and some times this pain goes all the way to my ass too. also i think my testicles are not swollen but they feel slightly heavier than usual . however when im not wearing any underwear and when im in my boxers at home my testicles seem to be much better than usual .i dont have any lumps on my penis . what could be the problem ? .. is there a treatment ? ..

also i have masturbated a couple of time recently to see if there was any pain or discomfort but i seem to cum properly without any pain or discomfort . i have also decided that i need to buy a entire new set of good underwear and a new formal pant . other than that why has this pain not gone even after 2 weeks ? Rolling Eyes
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