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Pain in right side of back and under arm

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i have been experiencing pain that starts in my mid upper and right side of my back back it also goes into my right side and is tender to touch only on my side it sometimes also wraps around to my right upper abd under my breast and sometimes gets very sharp under my under arm on the right side the pain is horrible and so uncomfortable i havent slept a full night in over a month nor have i been able to work no position makes it worse or better only that if i stand or sit or lay for too long at time it seems to be worse the pain is not worse after i eat i have been on so much pain medicine i only rest for a few hours at time when the pain medicine is at its strongest had ctscans of my abd pelvis and chest which were ok xrays of the chest thought they saw some compression/wedge deformities on lateral xray, then had an mri of lumbar and thoracic spine which was ok had an hida scan my ejection fraction was 36% could it be my gallbladder even though it does bother me when i eat, any ideas

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