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I'm 19 and I had a nasty case of flu which developed into a cough that lasted a month, ever since I've had sharp pains in the right side of my back, under my rib cage almost, it hurts worst when I cough or move.
I should also add that I'm a carer for the elderly and as a result I have quite a physically stressing job. any ideas what this could be.
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replied November 27th, 2012
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Your spine may be shifted to one side because one hip is tighter than the other. To stretch your hips:

1a) "KNEELING LUNGE STRETCH" (Do a Google search)
1b) "STANDING LUNGE STRETCH" (Do a Google search)
- Front leg up on a step of chair will give a better front-of-hip stretch.
1c) "Supine Groin Stretch" (Do a Google search)
- This is the most gentle stretch for your hips but it can take 20 minutes for the muscles to let go.

2) "STANDING SIDE BEND" (Right side stretch)
a) Back up against a wall.
b) Feet are shoulder width apart.
c) Reach your right arm overhead.
d) Side bend to the left.
e) IMPORTANT STEP: Shift hips to the right as you press off the ground with your right leg. This will give a good stretch of your hips and entire side of your body.
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