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pain in lower right side of pelvic area

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i have had a constant dull pain for days in my lower right side of my pelvic area the pain goes toward my leg and colon area i have been sweating and having the urge to always urinate. I dont feel sick but im worried about this? I saw a womens doctor on thursday september 3rd and was told i didnt have a UTI or bladder infection but im still experincing pain and disomfort
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replied September 8th, 2009
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If you haven't checked for ovarian cyst you may ask your gyn to perform an ovarian ultrasound.
Pelvic inflammatory disease can be also the cause for these complains.
Lower right abdominal pain with increased urinary frequency sometimes may indicate irritable bowel syndrome, but you need to have additional symptoms like changed frequency and form of bowel movements.

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