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pain in left side testicle

my name is sumit . four month ago( octuber) i had intercourse with a prositute(call girl)..i used condom but i suck her boobs....but after two month (end of decemnber) i felt pain in my left side testicle & some time in left leg also now i have been suffering from this pain for 2 month..i have no problem in burning sensation in leaving pain in body....any bodhy what is the reason..
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replied May 12th, 2011
is this pain above the testical or actually the testical itself? im having this pain at the minute on the left side of my groin, but i know everything down there is all connected to each other so it could actually be anything.. best thing to do is to get your self to the doctors and let them know where the pain is and ect. and one thing make sure to tell the doctor every bit of information so they can help you out. good luck!
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