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pain in left armpit and neck

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hi, i'm a 29yo male from australia & for the past 2 month i've been dealing with sickness on & off. i've had colds & flus, fevers, coughing.

now for the last 4 weeks i've been struggling with pain at the edge of my chest near my left armpit and pain in my neck & jaw and near my ears too accompanied by nausea and fatigue.

I've seen a doctor, he thought it was a virus & gave me a course of antibiotics, which haven't helped.

It seams like when the pain flares up, i get nauseous and fatigued. sometimes i get tired for no reason at all.

i've also had pains in my chest and back, but they are not as bad now.
what could this be? i've missed so much work because of it.

please help!
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replied December 30th, 2008
Get a CT snac done and all your questions will be answered! if no one will get you a CT scan DEMAND one. its your body and your healthcare. I had a similar situation but over a longer period of time and was diagnosed with Hodgkins. better safe than sorry! good luck!
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replied January 1st, 2009
i agree with lymphomalady demand a ct scan if your dr says no seek out a dr who will run blood test and other test. you know this is not normal to feel this way. find a dr who cares. good luck and my prayers or with you in finding an answer to your problem. luvkids
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