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Pain in groin after mesh surgery

I had inguinal hernia operation on left side in January 2001. In this operation mesh was used. There was no pain after initial recovery period. Last year in August 2008, while travelling in a bus, I was thrown up from the seat due to bump on the road. Due to this sudden shock, I had pain in my lower abdomen on both left & right sides. Pain on right side has gone away. Pain on left side has also decreased, but has not gone away. I feel the pain above site of incision for open surgery that was done in 2001.
Is there any remedy for getting rid of this pain? Pls. suggest.
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replied February 27th, 2009
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You should talk to your surgeon!
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replied February 28th, 2009
i would sya get that stuff ultrasound then speak to your surgeon cos he might tell you to get it ultrasound anyways and they ususally charge alot per visit a local GP can write up a script for you for an ultralsound for free akla this is australia im talkikng about

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